The school follows the CBSE syllabus and provides a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculam, appropriate to the needs, aptitudes and abilities of its students. The school educates in order to enable its students to take responsabilty for their own lives. The school provides all students with the oppertunity to have a first rate education and relize their full potential. The teaching members of the staff are committed to address the needs of both the most and the least abled, through a programme of continous and comprehensive monitoring and support.

We have a coherent and coordinated approach across the school. Student are encouraged to make the best use pf their time in school, by talking advantage of the available oppertunities to make their life more enjoyable and fulfilling.

This is a school,which has never confined learning to the classroom alone:pupils are encouraged to become suficently involved in a wide range of extra carricular activities.
Managed by Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel who are internationally acclaimed for imparting quality education. English speaking ambience. Qualified and committed teaching faculty. Value based education. Personal care and mentoring. Spacious class rooms and state-of the –art rooms. Smart class rooms. Serene and green campus. Well stocked library. Career guidance and seminars. Vast play ground. Programmes for spiritual enrichment. Wide range of co-curricular activities for harmonious development. Stong bonds with parent community. Encourage students to participate in Scholarship exams. Impeccable infrastructure with all modern amenities and facilities.