The school follows continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Two Semester Exams (SA1 & SA2) and four formative Assessment are conducted every year. Overall performance in the exams will be considered for promotion. Detailed progress reports will be issued to the parents after every semester. Parents will be called to discuss the studies of their wards.

1.   Any student absent for reaons other then medical grounds in any of the tests will be awarded zero in particular subject.
2.   Re-Tests / Re-Examinations are not conducted for absentees.
3.   No separate written warning need to be issued for detaining a student on the basis of the result over the year.
4.   Students absents on genuine medical ground during examination shall be considered for promotion after assessing the weightage of the attempted examinations.
5.   Malpractices of any nature will be dealt with seriously even to the extent of rustication of students.


In tune with National curriculum framework (NCF) and continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) the school academic calendar is divided into two semesters.
Each semester is divided into two sub units. The portions prescribed for one semester will not be carried over to the next semester. However  the sum of first semester marks and second semester marks will be considered in deciding the annual result.

There will be periodic assessment of the performance of the students in various aspects. Both formative and summative A2 Second summative examination is conducted in the month of March and a weightage of 30% is taken from it. Portions for SA2 will include FA3+FA4

Annual result is prepared on the basis of the performance in the first and Second Semesters. Only grades will be shown in the report card.
The following is given for various examinations
FA1     -      10%
FA2     -      10%
SA1     -      30%
FA3     -      10%
FA4     -      10%
SA2     -      30%


As we are introducing continuous and comprehensive evaluation from class 1 onwards, the academic session is divided into two summative assessments and four formative assessments.

This is the unit test conducted in the month of July and a weightage of 10% is taken from it.
This is the second unit test conducted in the month of August and  a weightage of 10% is taken from it.
First summative examination is conducted in the month of October and a weightage of 30% is taken from it. Portions for SA1 will include FA1 + FA2
First semester weightage = 10+10+30 = 50%

SECOND SEMESTER (50% of the prescribed syllabus)
In the second semester also, there will be two formative assessment and one summative assessment.
This is the third-unit  test conducted in the month of December and a  weightage of 10% is taken from it.

This is the fourth unit test conducted in the month of February and a weightage of 10% is taken from
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